Friday, 26 October 2012



Reasently I have been watching and reading a lot of movies and books and I want to write about them, this is not exactly a review but more like telling you what I have done.

 I have read : Flood Child, Girl Savage, The Dragon Diary, Inheritance (still reading, well it is 860 pg no mistake), Clover Twig and the Incredible Flying Cottage, Star Dancer, The Wall and the Wing and Frozen in Time.

 Flood Child was a tiny bit boring but otherwise it was good and I want there to be a series.        The Dragon Diary was a second in a series but I have not read the first otherwise it was good and I can not wait to read the third.
 Inheritance I am still reading and though I am a fast reader I still have not finished it, the reasons are : a. it is 860 pages long b. mum took it away for an age to stop me from reading it, I  have read all the other books in the series so I want to see what happens in this one( its the last).      Clover Twig and the Incredible Flying Cottage is the first in the Clover Twig series but I have only read that, it is really good and has a set plot.     Star Dancer is for older readers and is the first in a series all for older readers, it is very good and slitely like Pain Merchants.   The Wall and the Wing is about a boy and a girl its very good also the first in the series. I am still reading Frozen in Time but so far it is really good and about four/4 children.

I have watched: some Merlin, the last and latest epesoid of Wolfblood, and Snow White and the Huntsman.

The Merlins were really good one was the first ever.   The epasode of Wolfblood was good but sad.   Snow White and the Huntsman was really good but I know somethings that I would add to it.

yustredoy mes ewn ielmin 

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