Friday, 10 February 2012

Part of a Movie I Will Make

This is kinda a play:

*Colly:"You traitor, I knew you weren't just a lodger!"he shouts grabbing a thick stick.
(Hey that rhymes)
Madeline runs into the kitchen Colly close behind she(meaning Madeline)ducks behind the laundry basket when she comes out she's holding a knife...
Colly (again):"No you wouldn't"His voice is almost a whisper.
Madeline (finally!):"No I wouldn't..."We finally hear her voice it's strong and clear.
Colly(third time!):"Traitors would"His voice has certain certainty in it.
Madeline:"N-not if-f y-you a-are facing your ch-childhood lover"Her voice is shaking and she is on the verge of tears.
Colly:"I ain't got no childhood lovers"He seemed to be faraway in his memory, he to is on the verge of tears...

*Scottish accent

Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Rozalin Building

                                                      The Rozalin Building by Nadia Aisha

The reason why this building is called the Rozalin Building  is because it is similar to my mother's name except that there are a few more letters at the end. IN my imagination the building is a small island where every place is named after a member of my family or me and my sister's pets. In the island in my imagination there is a square which is called Midnight (that's my cat's name) where people meet at midnight and there'll be another square close by which is called Morgan which means 'morning' in German. You can guess the purpose of Morgan (the square, not the cat). The Rozalind building will be a mixture of a hotel and a place where people can work if they need to use a computer quickly. It could also have a library section and a cafe. Of course the cafe will be named after my mum because it will have her paintings inside it and people can buy the paintings and my mummy will get the money.

In the building there will be classes held for people of all ages. They are going to learn all sorts of things in easier ways and there will be painting workshops, writing workshops, baking ones and lots of other things. On the island there will be a nice cosy warm cottage which will be called Jasmin Branch and that will be where me, my family and pets live.

I will carry on with my buildings and island later.