Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Couchsurfing American Family

They arrived on Sunday and left today. I just want to tell you what couchsurfing is in case you don't know but most people do know I would think. What it is is a place you can write to other people on the website if you think they are nice from their profile if you want to stay at their house for a few nights because you are visiting the place or country that they live in. You can also meet people at cafes through couchsurfing. I am writing about an American family from Couchsurfing who stayed at our place. The father of the two children is Keith and the mother is Georgeta and the daughter who is about my age is Amelia and her big brother who is my sister's age is Owen. Owen was nearly always on his iPod.

Well, I liked playing with Amelia. When I went out I left my Barbie and I don't like the fact that she played with it when I left the house. I played pretending to be games when we pretended to be animals, at first cats and then monkeys . Anyway, I enjoyed their visit. Today I did my last punching fight with Owen which he called a Karate fight which involved punching each other and blocking and me trying to kick him between the legs. Today I went to a museum with them but because I hadn't had breakfast and I had these crackers on the train which made me thirsty, and I was hungry and tired, it didn't turn out to be the best thing.

On their third day they spent a couple of hours at my sister's school and I went with them. I didn't do much at the school. Me and Amelia watched them play rounders during PE.

We went to the green area near where we lived a few times which my Dad called the Alien Field. We climbed the tree and walked on the big log, and Owen kicked a football around.  My sister played football with Owen and her tooth came out while we were there. Amelia taught my big sister Jamila the hip-hop dance.

Keith made some burgers from scratch and they just tasted so real, I mean like were delicious like my siser said.  Georgeta put some nice salty Turkish cheese in the salad.

Monday, 6 June 2011


We went to a campsite which was a farm called Bouncer's Farm. On the first day there, we met Charlotte and she is five years old. She came into our tent. It was not full that day because we just arrived and had not unpacked. There are two pigs called Wagtail and Wilbur. We can feed them our leftovers as long as we didn't feed them potatoes, oranges and meat. There was a pony called Goldie at the farm, two horses called Pearl and Pebbless. We made fires every night and ate marshmallows from sticks, I made friends with girls called Suki, Amelie and Emma, with a big dog called Connie and small dogs called Monty & Alex. My sister Jamila gave me some math questions. My sister is really good at making fires because she is a scout and she made lots of them.

One day we made a trip to Mersea and had fish and chips. My sister said it was strange, because Mer means sea so Mersea means Sea-Sea. We ate some samphire. Later  we went to pick out own strawberries from a farm and picked too many which was good because we could share them. We tried to roast them with the marshmallows and it wasn't very nice. My sister made Smores. Do you know what they are? If you don't they are roasted marshmallows sandwiched in between two chocolate biscuits. In one night the most I had was two.

I got a small electric shock from the fences. There was a swing on a willow tree and we played on it every day. Our parents let us stay up really late and some nights we put ourselves to bed while they satyed up and chatted with the other adults who were friendly. The day before we left there were some mean boys and when we were going to make a fire in the shared fire pit they came and told us we were too young and asked for our lighter and they made their own fire there so we moved and made another fire near our tent.

On our last day Jamila was really tired because it was really hot. We had to take our things back to the car in the wheelbarrows. Jamila took one too. I want to go back to that farm