Saturday, 16 August 2014

Haiku Dedicated To A Cat Called Sunny!

My awesome, awesome god-mother asked me to write a haiku about her cat called Sunny, so I'll do a few, you can read them as one big poem or 4 short haiku's:

The cat is my friend
Beautiful orange golden
An actress, a diva

Glimmering gold with
Glowing face of summer stars
My dearest sweet cat  

Orange zesty fur is
What she has to adorn her
Perfect feline head 

Wet nose, green eyes, purr
In the morning, purr at night
Wander, waving tail

I bet I surprised you, didn't I.
See I'm awesome like that; I wait a billion, trillion, million, gazzilion years before posting another blog entry (note- sarcasm).
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