Friday, 19 October 2012


A few weeks ago I did these swimming lessons where one went for an hour a day at 9.30. It was very fun and I was disappointed when I joined another class a few weeks later which was proper swimming which was 30 minutes every Tuesday evening, instead of every day for a week.

I wanted to stop going but Mum and our guest Aleysia persuaded me to go and they sat watching with all the other parents. Aleysia got this bright idea and wrote my name in large characters on her iPad and held it up to me as I was swimming which was soooo embarassing but she was being nice so I didn't tell her until later.

The next week I refused to go but Mum spoke to the instructor and she was much nicer after that so now I am again happy to go for the class. This week I went with my Mum and sister before the class and I can do double forward rolls in the water and also do it backwards in the water. My sister is an excellent swimmer but she could not do the backward roll until I inspired her and now she can. We had a lot of fun that day because there was no one else in the pool and it was just the three for us plus a nutty lady who swims in the lane for people who swim lengths.

Mum likes taking us swimming because she likes the shower there better than the one at home. We were thinking going today but we were in bed so late and it was a grey grey day and I decided to write letters instead.

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