Friday, 16 November 2012

Book Review : The Fire Within

                            The Fire Within by Chris d'Lacey

THe COver FOr THe FIre WIthin

What was the book about ?

A nineteen year old called David is a lodger at Elizabeth and Lucy Pennykettle he is given a clay dragon whom he names Gadzooks but there are strange hrrrrrrring noises at night witch are not the usual creaks and groans of a house and then he expects that the clay dragons Liz makes come to life, his last final not big fight but big thing is him saving his dragon from loosing its magic and being just a clay model, a big bit is him helping save a squirrel.

What three things did I\you like about the book? Explain why.

1. The dragons were not just talked about as things: I like dragons and think that everyone should get a say.

2. David was a almost adult: most children's books have children as there main character : this was an exception.

3. David was not always playing games on his computer: most teenager play computer games and don't  think about the danger to wild animals.

What was your\my favourite part and why?

I loved Davids dream because it was really funny and original I also liked the part where David almost caches Conker. 

What three things didn't you\me like?

1. Lucy who was 10\11( she has her birthday in the book) behaved like a 7 year old: she should have more character.

2. Davids past : it said absolutely nothing about his past or family and old home, there should be more!

3. don't know yet

Who was your\my favourite character and why?

don't know yet

Who would you\I recommend the book to and why?

The Queen : Nah ! just joking : myself because I like books like it.

Draw a picture of your\ my favourite character\part

not got round to doing this

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