Monday, 14 October 2013

My First Cubs Camp (2012)

My First Cub Camp

Friday 25\5\2012


I am\was very excited; this is my first cub camp and luckily my friends are going too.
On the way there I sat next to friends.
Also the van we were in broke down when (I think) we were still on the highway and we had to wait till the police came, they stopped the traffic and helped pull us to this place where there were lots of police cars and we had to wait at least an hour  before another van came to take us to the camp site.


When we finally got there our tents had already been put up and we ate pasta.

First Night

I wasn't that sad of having no mum near me and I had my toy panther so I slept quite well, though I woke up once to hear my friends snoring!

Saturday 26\5\2012

First Morning

We got dressed without showering then had our breakfast.

Early Day

That day we did fires and we were bad at that.

Later on

  1. Rock climbing (some one's hat was put on top of the structor and they had to climb up to get it down).
  2. Fun thing like sledging. We used these wooden things that we sat in and there were paths with bumps on them and when the sledges were released we'd go whooshing down the paths. 
  3. Shower and reading.


There was a big campfire for all scouts at the campsite and we sung camp-song led by three different men. I wanted my family.

Sunday 26\5\2012

We built rafts in groups of four and sale them on a lake and swam in the lake and my groups one was the only one that didn't fall apart. We went home that day.

The End

Friday, 11 October 2013

Crouch End Fun Run on the 19th of May

A FEW months ago me and my sister took part in the Crouch End Fun Run, which is a race anyone can take part in except you have to sign up in advance.
When I told someone about it the thought I had said "Crouch And Fun Run" instead of the place Crouch End along with the words Fun Run.
You also get this really cool letter, that makes you feel important, in it is your race number and, a thing to put on your shoe that records the time you took you to do the race in (I took 9mins; ? seconds.).
My dad gave me comprehension about the information in the letter (if I find them and get enough comments asking me I'll post the questions and answers, I will).
The race is every year, I have done it once before, look it up.
I don't know what to write...

Anyway; after the race you get a drink, a bottle of water, a shirt saying Crouch End Fun Run on it, a jam doughnut (I don't like jam so my sister ate my doughnut) and first of all a medal (everyone gets a medal), Jamziez (a nick-name for my sister) knew one of the people who handed out the medals, from her swimming class.
At the race I met someone I know from cubs (scouts for younger kids), they looked very stressed:)
The race was really hard even though I had practiced before, I think that the reason why it was so hard running was because of my asthma:(

So thats all really...

Annoying sentence for children below.

Have you ever done a race? Was it hard? Post in the comments below!

I mean like sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am really sorry about not posting a post when I said I would:( I have neglected my blog for more than 6 months!!!! Has anybody used the rendang recipe? I doubt it... Anyway I did a race about 6 months ago and now I have going to post a dairy entry about it on this blog...