Thursday, 31 March 2011

Citylit Foundation Show 2011

Last night I went to an art exhibition at the Citylit where my mother studies. I liked one with paper clouds. It's paper which has bben cut around with little curvy bits and there were big ones cut up. They were hanging down in a roomish space and at the back there were two videos. One was of rain and the other was of clouds blowing by.

 And there was another art work with tiny buildings on the floor and there were white lightbulbs which were not on hanging down from the ceiling and also there was a surface on the wall with wires that were lit up to spell electri city.

There were mints served by one of the artists and I liked that very much.

Here is a haiku -- guess what it's about:

I climbed it today
swishing swaying in the wind
staying standing strong

I have been busy doing art, in journal pages. The best thing about doing them is that I can get my sleeves messy with paint and not get told off for that because normally like when I have food and I get my clothes messy I get told off.

Monday, 28 March 2011

My First Haiku

Yesterday, while waiting for my sister at Circus Space I wrote a haiku. I know it's spring and the clock just went forward, but I wrote about...guess what?

cold, glittering soft
sugar dust drifting frozen
sparkling in the light

Then I wrote another one. It wasn't as good:

wrinkled grey heavy
picking trees in the jungle
I long to ride it

It is very hard for me to count syllables so I have to ask for help. Today I asked my sister's friend for help. We were sitting on the shed in the garden, and I wanted to write about my sister. I'm going to name it 'love' even though my mother says that haikus don't have titles:

my sister loves cats
she loves to play hide and seek
I love her today