Thursday, 28 April 2011

Garden haiku

Sweet honey in spring
playing on the tire swing
I love my garden

Sit in our garden
wishing a happy day today
me on the swing


I went to Toulouse to visit my cousin and her friend last week. When we had to go to France I woke up at three in the morning and when we arrived I was very tired, really tired.  On the first day I liked the crepe with banana and chocolate sauce. We went to the Sunday Market at Jean D'arc (it was called Marche Cristal) and bought delicious strawberries. On the second day, we went to a Japanese garden and there was a cute cat there. It buried its face in my mummy's cardigan. I bought a fountain pen and  a magnifying glass from a supermarket called Auchan. And I watched a movie called Wendy Wu (It was really goooooooooood!!!)( :  U :)

We went to the Natural History Museum there. There were wonderful peacocks in the garden. And peahens that were brown and white. I saw a lizard too; it was brownish gray and green.

On the day we left we had granita which was lemon flavoured, and I walked around.  I ate two pain au chocolates in one hour. My invisible friends from my sister's world joined us while we were in Toulouse. I had chicken nuggets in KFC and me and my sister played a detective game with my magnifying glass.

There were a lot of homeless people in Toulouse. My sister showed me them making a little shelter out cardboards. I saw them queueing for food or soup. Most of them had big dogs. They used brick walls as toilets. My mum said not just homeless people used them. They are called pissoirs.

A Woodpecker

I saw a woodpecker in the garden, on a birch tree. It's tail was white with black spots on it and it had some red feathers on its tail and on its head there was a little bit of red too. I got my camera and it was gone. My Dad showed me its picture from the computer so I took a photo of the photo in the computer. It was a Great Spotted Woodpecker.

This is a haiku:

birds in my garden
they are in the trees today
my golden feelings