Saturday, 7 January 2012

A story about when a little imaginary boy got lost

Me and my mum walked through the entrance of a museum. At the time I did not know its name was I knew was it had dinosaurs - my favourite. We first went to see a dinosaur. It looked so realistic as I was squashed against my mum in the crowd. Then suddenly a flow of people rushed fast and we were wrenched apart like a slice of bread being torn in two. immediately with no one to guide me I felt lost (which of course I was) and completely alone. I remember imagining the dinosaur had come alive and I screamed.

People did not look at me, probably cos I imagined screaming. But still the fear was real and I cried, whimpering, "Ma Ma, Mummy, Ma Ma," over and over. Then I saw my mother and a fluttering of joy filled my heart as I ran towards her. My mum saw me coming and lifted me in a tight hug murmuring over and over again, "Oh my poor baby I thought  I had lost you".

That day we went home earlier than we would have and my mum vowed never to go to a busy place again. "I never want to lose my sweet chick pea."

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