Thursday, 26 January 2012

Bountiful Cow and a Show

The day before my mums birthday (21st)we (the whole family)went to a restaurant called Bountiful Cow. Me and my sister had steak. At the restaurant there was a animal skull and my mum said that it is probably real. There was also a map of a cow and it hase lines pointing to parts of the cow with names like: Rib-eye, Rump and Fillet Steak.

We went to a realy good musical play and at a part that would hurt they acted it in slow motion. Where we sat was really high up and we had to climb up the steps which seemed like never ending but I predicted when it would end.

Oh I also had frozen yoghurt at Tutti Frutti. My favourites are peach, coffee, chocolate, lemon, and I like Oreos and chocolate mint on top. Tutti Frutti have new sofas downstairs and me and my sister did lots of reading while waiting for Mum. And then we went to meet Dad and we went to Bountiful Cow which I already told you about and the show which is called Petticoats and Dreamboats.

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