Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Eragon by Christopher Paolini

The story takes place in an imaginary place called Alagaésia and other places like Hadarac Desert, Beor Mountains and Surda.

The main character is a poor orphan boy who lives with his uncle and has to go hunting for food. His name is Eragon and he is helpful, friendly and loving.

On a 3 to 8 day hunting trip Eragon finds a smooth, hollow, and oval stone.

But when the stone produces a baby dragon Eragon does not know what he is in for, starting with the silver mark that makes one a Dragon Rider.

                                 This is what is different from Riders and normal humans :

                                                         Dragon Riders

1.They can live for hundreds of years.
2.They have dragons(Eragons dragons name is Saphire)obviously.
3.They have magic.


1.They live shorter.
2.Some do not even believe in dragons.
3.Some do not even believe in magic.

                                                 Character names and what they are like:

1.Brom:Oldwise,clever and thought full.
2.Saphire(the dragon):Clever,funny and a good hunter.
3.Arya(a very famous elf):Very good at magic and sword fighting and is also wise.
4.Murtagh:good at sword fighting and very cautious.

I like this book I hope you will like it and the rest of the series.

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