Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A Story for Carmella Alonso G

Once upon a time Jenny went to have a swim in a Rockpool river. When she was almost on the bank she saw some other people in it so she changed into a black swimming cossy behind a tree. She didn't jump into the deep part as most of the boys did but slowly walked in. When she was fully in and swimming she saw that the people were some big bullies and they were teasing a little kitten who was almost drowned. She quickly swam to the boys and punched one in the back. He dropped the kitten and she quickly swam away with it. When she got on to land she picked up her dry clothes and towel and ran back home still in her cossy. Her parents knew the cat was a stray because every body near them immediately gave their pets collars. Jenny was allowed to keep the kitten whom she named Olive and she still has her to this day.


  1. So sweet. I like the name Olive. I also especially liked how she punched the boy in the back haha!

    1. I do not think that it is a good story so I am glad you like it by the way I forgot to say that the name Olive comes from the cats eye colour.