Friday, 8 February 2013

Sushi: 'mmmmmm'

Today me my mum and sister decided to make sushi, well actually we decided to make a few days ago so we got the ingredients and made it today. Do you like Sushi, well I do :) Soon after we woke up we started cooking the rice, I had to shower which was kind of good because I did not have to wait for the boring bits to be done while mum nagged me :) When I had finally gotten out of the shower most of the things were ready except the salmon, tuna, carrot and (or?) seaweed. I cut the salmon and carrot, put the mayonnaise in the tuna and for fun made ridges in the cucumber. The two things that my sister (J Milly) and mum (Z\Zed) found\looked for while I was in the shower are seaweed and the sushi mat. I liked salmon and tuna topping-ed sushi more than the chicken flavoured ones.  What sushi do you like? I am writing this like an email aren't I? J Milly is awesome at making sushi but my Mum is better.

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