Wednesday, 13 February 2013


On Monday (GUY FAWKES DAY 2012) I went to my sisters and my friends house she gave me a Jacqueline Wilson official mag which has lots of extras witch include an extra magazine with lots of recipes we (which means my sister and I) cooked a basic cookie mix with melted chocolate in the shape of a muddy paw print. We did two batches the first had 90% cocoa chocolate (but my sister added some sugar) the second batch had chili chocolate but most of the cookies went without chocolate. I did a few biscuits with faces insted of paw-prints. To make the paw prints you used the ball of your thumb as the big paw pad and you use the back of your wooden spoon for the (I wrote 'I dont k' but erased it) small bits so basically you make the holes using those things put in oven to bake for about fifteen minutes. If ready take out then do press the holes again this time instead of putting your thumb use the back of a teaspoon then use some chocolate to drip in the holes.

This has been in drafts for an age!

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