Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Undrowned Child book reveiw

~Teodora is an orphan who's only longing is to go to Venice.                            

Her adoptive parents always make excuses. Then one day when  she persuades her scientist family to take her to Venice she  feels she is coming home.                                                             

Teo(dora) loves reading and old bookshops and when  she is at one, a

 book falls on her head, the old shop keeper gives her the book for free, it is  called The Key to the Secret City. The books description is : hallo Teodora...  (I do  not  remember  the full description)

When Teo has a headache and starts "seeing" things( : statues talking) her parents ask a doctor to come who takes her to a hospital to stay over night. She wakes up to find herself in a graveyard with no memory of how she got there. When she reaches  the hotel that she is staying at she realises nobody can see her. The book (she has it with her)starts writing to her and showing her around Venice. She thinks she is a ghost but is still  a bit warm. Later on she realises: a.children and animals can see her   b.things(that)she touches turn  invisible to.                                                                                                            


She becomes friends with (Lo)Renzo whom she shares The Key                                                    
to the Secret City. Together they go to The House of Spirits and                                                    
find out about the mermaids who own printing presses which pr-                                                
int notes saying not to trust the mayor who encourages tourists                                                     
to come to Venice all though things are troubling.                                                                               
Teos parents are friends  with other scientists whom came with                                                   
them and brought there daughter Maria with them, Teodora and                                                    
Maria hate each other. Maria is really, really, really, really, really                                                
vain. Teo catches her with a teenage boy Teo suspects is evil, he h-                                              
as a suspicious mole on his forehead. And Teo sees he has given                                                    
Maria an emerald  earring and that is Bajamonte Tiepolo otherwise                                                                     
known as Il Traditore's (there main baddie\villain\enemy. He is a ghost.)                                                                        

Bajamonte Tiepolo was banished from Venice for his crimes against Her in 1310, but his ghost is back for revenge and he is building a fierce-some army of pirates, ghosts, vampire eels and a sea monster who can destroy the city of water.                                                                                                                                                                                
I would have liked to copy and paste the ancient prophecy but nobody has posted it on to a website.                                                        

I will continue this review after I have read The Undrowned Child again.

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