Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Hospital Visit

I have had a cold for a couple of days this week and that has affected my asthma. On Thursday morning I was coughing a lot and spitting up a lot and we decided to go to the doctor. Because my dad was not home and my mum couldn't drive, we had to ask our upstairs neighbour to take us. Her name is Caroline.

We got to the doctor's and he said it was just a really bad cold and he would not give me the nebuliser. The nebuliser usually helps me because it has both the medicine and oxigen. So we went home and I was a bit ok for a while and I had a lot of my blue inhaler.

When my dad came back he made delicious roast chicken for supper. Then Mama asked Dad to take us to the hospital just to check with them because she felt that it wasn't good. 

At the hospital I was given the nebuliser three or four times. My Dad took my sister home and my mum read some books to me and we waited for the Doctor to come to see when we could go home.

When the Doctor came that we needed to stay overnight and that they would get a bed ready. So about two o'clock in the morning some people showed us where we were to sleep. I was excited to see my bed in the children's ward. My mum had a bed next to me and the bottom of my mum's bed looked like a cupboard door and it was pushed up into a cupboard so that in the morning people could clean underneath and there would be space there.

We stayed two nights. 


  1. That sounds like a bit of an adventure. Why didn't that first doctor give you the nebuliser??? Hope you didn't get too bored at the hospital..

  2. He thought it was a just a bad cold and the nebuliser would not help. I didn't get bored at all. I had a whole pile of books to read, I had films to watch and math questions to answer from the hospital school people. It was an adventure!