Sunday, 16 February 2014

Diary Entry For 16-2-2014 (Sunday, Free!)!

Okay, so... This is a diary entry, I did for today.
BTW I will try to write and post chapter two of Riders Of Termná'c but be prepared for a wait!
Here is the entry:

 16-2-2014 Suday

Today's Sunday so we're... Free!
I did all of my Duolingo (language learning) and started re-reading A Street Cat Named Bob.
I also read a paragraph of A Confusion Of Princes to Mum and Jamila, the one that was the reason I stopped reading it.
Then  our drum-kit teacher came and we had stew with dumplings. I read a lot...
I read that part of A Confusion Of Princes to him (our drum-kit teacher), then he went home after a messed-up attempt at the cup part of The Cup Song.
Then (Here is an embarrassing line so I cut it out, this is copied and edited from my diary), now I am writing this, hopefully we can watch a movie called Holes after I do a blog entry on Fearless.


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