Saturday, 18 January 2014

Eragon Shade Slayers Feats

Hi everyone!

This is a poem I did based on the book Eldest which I recently re-read.

This is a terrible poem: most of it does not rhyme!
It's alright because I'm terrible at poems; so this is my best...
Eragons Dragon, Sapphire

Murtaghs Dragon, Thorn
Here is the poem:

Eragon Shade Slayers Feats

Eragon took Brom his almost fathers sword won from evil foe,
Morzan was his name,
He went to learn from Elven master who rode a golden dragon,
While white raven sang a riddle and crowed a rhyme with the word "wagon",
Then at the celebration of Blood-Oaths to dragons,
They gave him gifts of strength and stealth.

Then Eragon left his training,
Rode on a Sapphire dragon,
To fight and win a war with kin,
Of dwarfs and a mighty dragon.

Then came the cry of "a ship is sighted"!
And Eragon went,
To find his cousin brave,
Who sailed the ocean wide to find the Varden,
To help his almost bride.

Then a dragon rode into sight,
"It's red! It can't be the evil king; another egg has hatched!"
 A flash of red came from the hand of a rider who came across the land,
And slayed the king of dwarfs,
And Hrothgars people sighed.

Eragon enraged,
Stormed across the land,
And fought the foe,
As his cousin killed two traitors,
As swift as a young doe.

But the evil man was strengthened by enchantments black,
So Eragon said "Land Sapphire I fight him on the ground",
And as they fought,
Eragon said "We've fought before!"
He tore the helmet of foe to find his friend,
"Oh Murtagh! You've turned! While I mourned for you, you were with our common enemy!"
And Murtagh replied "When Thorn was born, Galbatorix made us swear an oath of faith!"

Eragon lunged for the killing stroke,
But Murtagh stopped him with one word of ancient language,
And Eragon exclaimed as Sapphire was caught in air,
Unable to free himself or her.

Then Murtagh came and said "My friend, Galbatorix told me try to get you; and I have!"
But before he left he took Zar'roc from the belt of Beloth the Wise and said;
"Dad's sword was destined for his eldest son, my mothers name was Selena we share a common father!"
"Morzan, my father?"
Then with the mighty sword away his brother rode.

But as Eragon went to tell his friends the outcome of the fight,
He said to Sapphire, by his side,
"My uncle Garrow, Brom, and our Master Oromis were more my fathers then that lying thief!"
"You've grown wise little one!" Sapphire proclaimed

Then Eragon went to have talk with cousin angry and enraged,
He scried his cousins love,
And said "Together we will find and free Katrina... Brother?"

So here ends our tale of love and life of sorrows bound and betrayals many of friends and foe of dragons and boats sailing low.

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