Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Poker Comprehension

Hello, a long time ago (last year?) my dad gave me some comprehension on an article about poker.

Why don't you try answering the questions yourself?

Here are the questions:

1. Why is it important to be expressionless when playing poker?

2. What were the three types of video clip shown to the study participants?

3. Explain the difference between positive, negative and neutral/no correlation. If necessary use encyclopaedia or children's online dictionary.

4. What did people notice about the way the players moved their hands that gave away whether the player was confident; or not?

Here are my answers:

  1. So that people can not guess that value of your cards.
  2. The first kind was of the table up, the second kind was of the face and the third of the of only the hands and arms.
  3. Don't know, will ask dad later.
  4. If you moved your hands smoothly forward without hesitating it means that you have a good hand\cards.

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