Saturday, 9 March 2013

A Story I Did While I Was Bored

"Hey how're ya' all feelin'? up ta' fun?" Said my best pall Jonathan Josiph Jolliparton but who liked to get called 'Juds'  which I think is really weardo-so but, thats just him! Any way he was talking to me and my 'gang' who were basiclly my bestest friends well there were 5 of us including him and me and we called our selfs 'Weirdo One 5' and the name suits it self (well it IS wierd). One of my other friends Janis Horph Watlam (but want's to get called Jnodo because she onece met a really girly girly-girl who was called Janis) said " Sure, we're 'll fine I thin', so what shall we do?"
 "Well maybe we should go to the forest and jump over the stream and I saw some deer hoof-prints that we can try to find okay" I said which reminds me to tell me you my name which is Patilian Porph Smith but I like to get called Liana because it is a nice name (of course)!

If there is anyone still looking at my blog, please can give tips in comments about what should happen next in the story. It is very bad 'cause I made it up on the spot sometime in 2012. I have made a few corrections and added bits in but please tell me is there are any spelling errors..!

P.S. Sorry about all the slang-ish things\words.

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