Friday, 10 February 2012

Part of a Movie I Will Make

This is kinda a play:

*Colly:"You traitor, I knew you weren't just a lodger!"he shouts grabbing a thick stick.
(Hey that rhymes)
Madeline runs into the kitchen Colly close behind she(meaning Madeline)ducks behind the laundry basket when she comes out she's holding a knife...
Colly (again):"No you wouldn't"His voice is almost a whisper.
Madeline (finally!):"No I wouldn't..."We finally hear her voice it's strong and clear.
Colly(third time!):"Traitors would"His voice has certain certainty in it.
Madeline:"N-not if-f y-you a-are facing your ch-childhood lover"Her voice is shaking and she is on the verge of tears.
Colly:"I ain't got no childhood lovers"He seemed to be faraway in his memory, he to is on the verge of tears...

*Scottish accent

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