Friday, 30 September 2011

Tate Britain

Yesterday I went to Tate Britain.
The first exhibition was John Martin's. His paintings were dark and big. They were interesting because they were very detailed. It must have taken him ages just to pain one corner of a picture. The most interesting room was where there were three paintings about the end of the world. There were these projections on the paintings and it made the paitings look real because it projected  the thunderbolt and it had a sound and there was a person talking and telling what was happening in the paintings.

In to second exhibition, whose name was Barry Flanagan there were sculptures. I drew two of them. One fo them was  astring hanging on two walls and stuck on by sticky tapes and they had hung up colourful pieces of cloths. And then I drew this heap of long sacks filled with something. Outside I drew my own elephant.

There was one room where there was a movie and there were black artists talking about their art and how people think that black artists are different. One of the works was a cut-out picture of a man and he was on a bicycle with no handles and he was holding a stick that had a string on it with a carrot dangling.

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